Bristol Harbour Hotel & Spa | Wednesday 27th February 2019 | 18.30 – 20.30








What is it?

  • 20 hand picked sales superstars
  • 4 of Bristol’s successful sales and career coaches
  • 4 of Bristol’s most respected employers

We are bringing together 20 of our top superstar candidates and giving them the exclusive opportunity to meet with 4 respected employers and 4 sales career coaches all in a lovely, relaxed and informal environment.


– Take your sales career to the next level.
– Learn proven sales methodologies.
– Improve performance in your current role.
– Secure a job with a company that you love.
– Increase your confidence.


– Speak with employers in a relaxed environment.
– Be judged on your personality and potential first.
– Ask questions directly to recruiting decision makers.
– Find out if the company is the right fit for you.

OK, so why should I attend?


– Sit down and meet with some of Bristols most desirable employers.
– Increase your chances of being headhunted.
– Get to speak with our highly experienced sales experts and career coaches.
– Learn how to improve your interview skills.
– Get the job you REALLY want.


– Sit down and meet up to 20 pre qualified sales candidates in a relaxed environment.
– Quickly judge cultural fit with 5 Minute “chemistry chats.”
– Waste no time and interview great candidates efficiently.
– Arrange suitable candidates interviews at a later, mutually convenient date.

Who will be there?

Jen Wagstaff.Founder of CreativeMind.

Jen Wagstaff.Founder of CreativeMind.

How to increase deal value and maximise your sales results.

Steven Green MCIPD - LinkedIn Expert

Steven Green MCIPD - LinkedIn Expert

How to create a personal brand that will increase earning potential and job success rate.

Jen Wagstaff

How to increase deal value and maximise your sales results.

How to increase deal value and maximise over sales results.

Jen Wagstaff,Founder of CreativeMind.

    • How to effectively build value and increase individual deal size and value
    • Effective questioning techniques to help open up your prospect
    • How to quickly build rapport

Alison Edgar

How to engage effectively with new business prospects.
How to confidently ask for the business.

Michelle Eichenberger

How to use NLP to build Rapport with your Clients

Maximising the efficiency of your sales process and increasing the quality of your sales pipeline.
Alex is a successful inspirational sales and marketing trainer, leader and advisor for sales and recruitment teams around the UK. Alex will be covering the following topics:

    • How to increase your confidence as a new business developer
    • How to create a self generating sales pipeline and make leads come to you
    • There’ll be the opportunity for you to interact, ask questions and talk about some of the challenges that you have faced in your sales career.

Steven Green MCIPD

How to create a personal brand that will increase earning potential and job success rate.

How to create a personal brand that will increase earning potential and job success rate.

Steven is an experienced and successful LinkedIn Expert, CV Writer & Personal Branding Specialist. A professionally written CV or Linkedin profile can be a massive ROI for you by dramatically increasing your chances of securing a new job. Steven will be sharing tips on:

    • How to market yourself effectively, make an excellent first impression and achieve job success
    • In an increasingly digital world, your brand is more important than ever and may be the difference between winning a new, higher paid job or staying trapped in your current role, Steve will be giving you key pointers on how to stay ahead and get noticed.


Joe – Happy Client

“Excellent candidates – We’ve been through about a dozen [candidates] so far and I would say we’ve already got at least 3 candidates that we are going to be inviting back into the office, cant really ask for better than that!”

Lisa – Happy Client

“Great Event – A great way for a company such as us to meet a lot of good people during one evening”

Holly – Happy Client

“The event ran smoothly, with an engaging induction and structured procedure. We met a wide variety of candidates with the remit to conduct our own conversations.”

Angelika – Happy Candidate

“Congratulations on arranging such a fantastic and productive networking event. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to thank you for inviting me to participate”

Leanne – Happy Client

“I think its brilliant to have the kind of event where its quite informal so you feel a lot more relaxed, you get the best out of the candidates in this sort of environment.”

Richard – Happy Candidate

“This was a very well organised event with many other friendly candidates to chat to between speaking to the employers. Having been the first event of this style I’d been to, I would be happy to do so again, an effective way in which to meet potential employers in a more natural environment where people can relax a bit more and let the personality be the focal point as opposed to credentials.”

Juliana – Happy candidate

“Hi guys, Just wanted to thank you for a great experience I had yesterday at the event. I really enjoyed it and met with some excellent employers, and to add that it was very well organised! 🙂
Have a good evening”

OK, I’d like to know more.

If you like what you see so far or would like to know more then click the relevant button below or leave us a message and we’ll get in touch to run through everything.